Inquiry & Complaints Handling

Inquiry & Complaints Handling

The mechanism of providing and processing customer reviews


To our valued customers,


In order to provide you with the best banking and financial services, we are pleased to inform you that the bank has set up a special Unit to deal with banking and financial transactions with customers. Its main tasks are to receive, process, and solve your reviews as soon as possible, as follows:


1. The Bank has developed a special Form for submitting your reviews, which is located at its head office and branches, and on the Bank's website.


2. We inform you that:

- Your review will be transmitted directly to the special Unit “Client Protection Unit” at the Bank’s Head Office without revealing its contents to the management or staff of the concerned branch.

- In any case, you can file a complaint to any relevant Lebanese Administrative or Judicial authorities without passing through the special Unit.


3 - You can submit your review to the special Unit through the following means:

- Within a closed envelope addressed to the "Customer Protection Unit". It can be delivered personally by hand or in the Review box at the Head Office and Branches.

- By regular mail addressed to “Customer protection unit”: Down Town – Martyrs Square –Beirut Garden Building – Block C, PO Box. : 11-9575

- By e-mail addressed to: “”


4. Your review will be processed in order to decide on it and you will be informed of the result, as soon as possible, and not later than 15 days from the date of submission.