History & Structure

History & Structure

Founded in Beirut on the 22nd of October 1973, "North Africa Commercial Bank S.A.L" was formerly named "The Arab Libyan Tunisian Bank SAL" due to the fact that the two main shareholders were Libyan Foreign Bank-Libya and Société Tunisienne de banque - Tunisia.
The bank's name was changed in December 1989 as above, after the Tunisian shares were sold to Libyan Arab Foreign Bank and to Lebanese shareholders, bringing the new shareholders as follows:
Libyan Foreign Bank - Tripoli/Libya 99.56%
Demoreco Holding S.A.L Beirut/Lebanon 0.43%
Other Shareholders (Board of Directors Members) 0.01%

The total paid-up capital of the Bank and the shareholders' cash capital contribution amount to LBP 163,488,750,000. North Africa Commercial Bank Sal operates as a commercial bank offering a variety of retail and commercial services and products.

The Bank undertakes all types of banking operations both in Lebanon and abroad especially those related to documentary credits, credit facilities and foreign exchange.

Despite the difficult economic situation in Lebanon, and the regional events in the Middle East area, North Africa Commercial Bank Sal performed remarkably well, maintaining steady growth.

Today, NACB aims at improving and developing its services to customers by expanding its operations, and offering new banking products.