Credit Facilities

Credit Facilities

These products & services cover the different liquidity needs of the clients through:

  • Overdraft facilities.
  • Term Loans
  • Commercial discounted bills
  • Letters of credit (import and export LCs).
  • Documentary collections.
  • Letters of guarantee such as: bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees, financial guarantees, standby letters of credit.

Documents required from clients applying for credit facilities:

  • Clear copies of client(s) identification papers.
  • Copy of Company’s Certificate of Registration in the Commercial Register “ اذاعة تجارية ”.
  • Copy of the company’s Commercial Register “ شهادة تسجيل ”.
  • Copy of the company’s by-laws (If applicable).
  • Client’s personal net worth (properties, cash assets, investments, stocks, and other valuables).
  • Audited (If available) or in-house financial statements and statement of account for the previous 3- years.
  • Statement of accounts from other banking institutions (If available).

Guarantees: The Bank reserves itself the right to request any guarantees on a case-by-case basis.